source link Local Guides Camilo Marín Posada, 27 years.

Studied chemistry and engineering food now ending, is mountain guide recently, but ascends mountains seven years ago, He participated in climbing championships and has a lot of initiative to open climbing routes . He met the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy . He traveled to Peru for hiking, keeps the interest to know and learn from each experience in the mountains, as these are part of his vision as a guide. Now he is studying ecosystems and their different lifestyles to teach the world such importance.

Camilo Marín

Camilo Marín

go to link Manuel Espejo Hoyos, 33 years.

Spent the last 7 years of his life as a Mountain Guide in Los Nevados National Park and the surroundings. His experience is based on doing one-day trips to weeklong expeditions; hiking, trail running and searching for miniature orchids in his free time. He has a special interest in conservation and working with Protected areas; spent one year as a volunteer park ranger in Los Nevados National Park. An accident took him out of the mountains, unable to walk, turned His passion from walking and hiking into birding. Right now spend most of the time watching birds in the little town of Salento, Quindio where He resides. Involved in the process of environmental awareness with the government of Salento, giving talks to small kids and helping to protect the Black and chestnut eagle. 

Manuel Espejo

Manuel Espejo Diego Zurek Oyaga, 33 years.

A mountain guide, has participate on hikes at El Cocuy National Park, Los Nevados National park and La Patagonia, where he has learnt to confront his biggest dreads and to follow his aspirations. Born in Bucaramanga; an architect who left behind his career to dedicate his life into climbing and mountaineering; He seeks to establish new climbing routes at Los Nevados National Park and to create a big consciousness awareness with conservation concerns.

Diego Zurek

Diego Zurek Benjamín Gonzalez, 35 years.

Formed as an agronomist has been trained in the ecology and classification of the bryophytes harbored in the andean mountain rain forests. His passion for the exploration of the natural world united with his “scientific romantisism”, as he call it, led him to adquire the skills and the attitude for outdoor activities as compass navigation, trekking and camping. His knowledge in natural history, forest dynamics, cultural background of the coffee culture, literature, give compliment for the search of an inmersive experience every time he goes to the mountains.

Benjamin Gonzales

Benjamin Gonzales