Colombia, Megadiverse country with the highest rate of endemism recorded.

With 2 oceans, 3 mountain ranges and 2 inter-andean valleys blessed with a tropical weather. We are rich in ecosystems from mangrooves and coral reefs in the coasts to mangnificent glaciers in the andean mountains but also in culture and history.

Salento is located in the central range of Colombia, in the middle of the coffee axis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gateway to Los Nevados National Park this small town owns spectacular cloud forests and páramos of which only 10% to 20% of the original ecosystem survive. With more than 3000 species of plants, 300 species of birds, 23 of mammals, and more. This mountains are as the great naturalist and explorer Alexander Von Humbolt used to call them: “The Jewel of the whole andean range”.


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The Cocora Valley – Los Nevados National park 

Is one of the most visited place in the Quindio region. The Valley is privately, owned by few families has been exploited to offer tourists horse riding tours and lazy hiking tours through the mud. The Cocora Valley is the gateway to a diverse area that you can experience with us. Our tours are designed to let the traveler recognize the majesty of the valley and beyond: lodging in farms, nature reserves and remote places high above 3000 meters (9.843 feet) in the territory of Los Nevados National Park.

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The Páramos are distributed in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Colombia host 49% of the Páramos in the planet and this is the just the 2% of the national territory.

Páramos are the main source of water. Are the tropical scars of the last ice stadium, with lagoons, valleys, snow summits, volcanos and a land with an incredible ability to adapt. Some, protected by the government as National Parks.

Close to Salento, Los Nevados National park with a rich biodiverse environment in 58,300 ha. the water kept, baths the Easter and Western flanks of the Cordillera Central (CC) with rivers that feeds four regions and more than 4 million people.




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