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Colombian Andes

Colombian Andes


Quindio, located in the Andean region, is a place full of opportunities, with a huge diversity of natural features such as volcanoes, snowcapped mountains, paramos, cloud forest, lagoons, valleys and plateaus. And Colombia, one of the richest countries in flora and fauna diversity, has opened the doors of tourism for the last past years, putting 1.500 species of fauna and 3.000 species of flora at high-risk in the Quindio.

On the other hand, we are conscious about the need to kick-start projects about conservation and awareness. By enrolling people on our tours, we could leave progress, development and encouragement to keep as pristine as far as We can get. This work has changed our minds and our perspective. We are committed to the process of environmental protection, still allowing the visitors to experience this place of natural beauty, ensuring an exceptional experience while supporting the well-being of the land. We shall work as a collective to reach our needs for conservation.

Colombian volcanoes and Los Nevados National park

The Andes are the longest chain of mountains along the South American continent. With 7000 km long, and many volcanos along the range; all volcanos differ from composition, style and morphology.

The Norther volcanic zone (NVZ) flows from Colombia to Ecuador with 74 volcanos. Colombian Volcanos are located in the “Cordillera central” with 19 Volcanos; These located close to small rural places represent a big hazards to the country.

Many of the volcanos in the “Cordillera central” (CC) start the activity from the early Pleistocene with several eruptive stages. El “Nevado del Ruiz”, is one of these; one of the biggest and more destructive volcano in the country, with the tragedy of Armero in 1985, where 25.000 people perish under the mantle of indescriptible forces.

Tolima, Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas departments share the limits of the National park Los Nevados, a park with 30 calderas and 8 volcanos.

Santa Isabel volcano has a domed structure, constructed over a solid metamorphic base, dated from the Palaeozoic era, and sedimentary volcanic rock from the Mesozoic.
Tolima Volcano a stratovolcano formed mainly by lava emissions, pyroclastic waves, “lahar” and ashes.


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