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  • There’s a tropical disease in the places to visit?

Yes, but with all your vaccines and a good hygiene routine the risks are minimal.

  • I’m not a camper? The lodging will suit my needs?

Considering the lodging available in some areas and the remoteness of some of the places, camping is the better option; we take care of everything to warranty a good camping experience from good food to comfortable sleeping mattress and sleeping bags. Besides sleep under the stars in the wilderness is priceless.

  • What about bathrooms?

Our tours take you to some places were is impossible to find a bathroom, the guides will take care of everything with leave no trace ethics, but you must be a bit liberal here.

  • The places you offer are dangerous?

Visiting wild places carry some risks, our staff is well trained to carry You safely to all the places and we scout every area to know the latest reports about travelling safety.

  • Do you take care of special diets?

Yes, just tell us what are your food preferences (Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher, etc.)

  • How much weight will I have to carry?

Depends of the tour, most of the trips you only need to carry a small bag with your camera and personal items, but for the expedition you need to carry a must of your things, if you don´t want to carry heavy weight in your pack just ask us for a porter.

  • Are there a minimum number of people for a trip to run?

No, but the Price for one person can be a Little high, we recommend at least 2 persons per tour.

  • Got more questions?