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Gear list 

Gear list for trekking – Los Nevados National Park

Los Nevados National park is not as cold as other places, because of their geographical location along the tropical belt but this mountains are humid with constant drizzle rain, fog and mist, sleet and hail. Gear for cold and wet weather is mandatory, the guide is ready for this conditions so you must do the same.


For our trekking programs, we advise the following gear for each person:


*Please consider to take with you a HEADLAMP


Sun Cap/hat

Warm hat

Sunglasses (with UV protection)


1st layer – Shirt and underwear: Polypropylene, Capilene, Merino wool, Polyster (NO NATURAL FIBERS, NO COTTON PLEASE!!!!!!!)

2nd layer – Fleece jacket or pullover (something like Polartec 100 or Patagonia R1 is recommended)

3nd layer – Waterproof Jacket or Poncho(Waterproof is not the same that water-resistant)

2nd layer – Fleece pant for extra cold nights/summits (optional)

4th layer – Down/synthetic insulation jacket if you get cold easily (Remember Los Nevados is not just cold is HUMID and WET)

Pijama or spare set of dry clothing for sleeping or changing wet layers.

Glove for sun and cold protection.


Good quality Trekking boots/shoes/trail runners with good traction

Sandals/Crocs/Light shoes for campsites and huts (1 pair)

Trekking socks (2 pairs minimum in case one pair gets wet)


For Hiking take 35L pack. 

For Climbing take 40L pack.

For Expeditions take 50L pack.

Backpack with enough volume to pack all your stuff INSIDE not hanging from the outside

Dry bags/plastic bag for packing inside the backpack.

Hydration & food:

Hydration system as a Camel/platypus bag or bottle – 1.5 liters minimum


For Expeditions and Climbing trips We recommend you to take your own sleeping bag. 

Trekking poles 

Headlamp is mandatory 

Suncream Lipstick

Personal toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, pack towel, soap (organic and/or biodegradable), comb/hairbrush, toilet paper, ear plugs, hand sanitizers (must).

Personal prescription medicine if need, be sure to have it with you from home.

Entertainment like books and music Camera and extra memory card and batteries.

10 essentials